lørdag den 25. marts 2023



The Tibetan Terrier Club of America invited me to be part of a Webinar.

The purpose was to discuss my new book. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to talk to TT fanciers from near and far.

Below - some of the kind coments. 

Thank you, Hanne Mathiasen for an incredibly informative and interesting discussion. I really appreciate your time.

Thanks so much, Hanne. Your talk was wonderful!

It was so interesting. You did a great job. You have a wealth of TT knowledge. Thank you! I so enjoyed the presentation.

Thank you so much Hanne for your personal perspectives. I enjoyed it so much.

LOVE the book and the beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing it.

Enjoyed listening to your presentation on your wonderful new book congratulations again 
Thank you. Very interesting talk. I was not aware of the two types of TT in Tibetan Monastic and nomadic. I think Cooper looks m ore monastic. When "figuring out any dog" it makes so much sense to know their purpose and look at the breed standard. TTs being independent and smart so they could survive in the "wild" makes so much sense. Later today I going to sit down and go through your new edition again.

It was fantastic!!! Hanne, Virginia, Jackie, Jane… everyone. Thank you for making this happen!!!

A wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Thanks, everyone!

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