About the new Centenary Edition


A new edition of Tibetan Terriers - The Little People is in the making. 

It is a centenary edition - celebrating 100 years of Bunty's birthday.

The book is meant for both new and experienced Tibetan Terrier enthusiasts.
Offering an incredible wealth of information, it ambitiously examines and
describes every aspect of the Tibetan Terriers. There are included over 400
candid photos and illustrations - some of which are historic 'gems', and
others are new, attractive and often humorous photographs - most of them in
colour. Such delightful enhancements assist the text to expand the reader's
knowledge of this wonderful, unique breed. 
Some parts are written by breed-specialists from all over the world.
This is a must-read book which everyone with an interest in 
Tibetan Terriers will cherish.

The book contains four parts:

  • Sharing your Life with a TT
  • A Trip back to the Origin and around the World
  • How to preserve the Breed
  • Additional Information.

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